About Us

Our work methodology is based on
  • responsibility.
  • quality.
  • simplicity.

What do we do?

One of our specialities is the development of management portals for companies, using the JavaEE platform.

We also make web applications with the Django/Python platform, for any type of use. Be it for internal use of the companies, or for external one.

We customize content managers, such as WordPress, quickly. These managers can work as the main sites for the companies, or for the release of specific products, as auxiliary showcases.

We also create mobile applications, which are aimed to control remote applications, to connect with other devices (M2M), or for the marketing of new products in the iOS and Android platforms.

Another one of our facets is creating GIS applications. Nowadays, we rely on ArcGIS On-line because we believe that this SaaS covers all the needs that a company like ours can have when designing a GIS application.

In addition to all this, we also do consultancy and technical support, relying on applications in the cloud supported by Disytel, such as SuiteCRM and Lybertia. In fact, we’re their representatives in Spain.

We’ve also put some applications developed by ourselves in the cloud, offered as SaaS, such as canalnube.com and roadadmin.com 

We’re also partners of OVH , Witbooking and Lleida.net.


Projects Distribution

JAVA - JEE Platforms
Python Platforms
SuiteCRM + Libertya Consulting
Apps M2M IOS - Android Platforms

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